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Broadband Cable

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Broadband Cable

When using the internet became commonplace in both homes and offices, technology quickly outpaced the slow dial up internet connections most people were using. For one thing, dial up was a problem because people had to make a choice between being online and making a phone call – or they had install expensive second phone lines. Businesses could not afford to make choices between checking their emails and receiving business calls, and it was an annoyance for private home internet users as well. Another problem was that website technology soon grew beyond what dial connections could handle. Websites started using higher resolution graphics and Flash technology, and music and video downloads became more and more available, but dial up connections were choking under the pressure. Then, everything changed with the advent of broadband internet connections. Broadband DSL and cable internet connections let people get online faster and download things at a speed that was at least ten times faster than dials; in some cases, broadband cable connections allow people to download at speeds that are even a hundred times faster that dial up. People moved from dial up to broadband in droves, and now most internet users are using some kind of broadband connection when they go online.

Cable Broadband versus DSL Broadband

It is possible to get broadband internet connections via a broadband cable modem, which transmits digital data over the cable TV network or a broadband DSL modem, which transmits over a phone line. While DSL broadband is a huge improvement over dial up, and it allows you to get online and make phone calls all on the same phone line, broadband cable is the faster choice. Broadband cable internet is the kind of connection you will need to surf at speeds up to a hundred times faster than dial up. But the right one for you depends on how you use your internet. DSL broadband is cheaper – though finding cheap cable broadband is becoming much easier. DSL is fine if you only use the internet for emails and light browsing, cable broadband is a must if you do a lot of downloading or gaming.

Cable Broadband FAQ

Before you settle on cable broadband, go online to do a little bit of research. Find out things like the best cable broadband modem and what other equipment you might need, like a broadband cable amplifier. You can also find out about broadband cable providers, like Atlantic Broadband Cable, AT&T; broadband cable internet, and Charter cable broadband.

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