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DSL Filters

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DSL Filters

Anyone who is serious about internet use cannot hang with dial up service for long. Not only is dial up service slow and unable to cope with the flashy, high resolution internet of today, but dial up internet service directly interferes with your phone service. The service dials out for an internet connection, just like you do when you get a phone call, and as such, your phone line is tied up like you are making a call when you surf the net. For businesses, this is a no go; choosing between internet access and phone service is not a choice any modern business can make. For personal, private internet users, making this choice is at the very least inconvenient and annoying. That is why DSL has been embraced by so many people. DSL internet connections use your phone line just like dial up connects do, but with the DSL, the internet connection comes in at a higher frequency than the voice connection, so they do not interfere with each other. You can be on the phone and online with no trouble at all, and without installing a second line. But making your phone line multi task for you takes a little doing. To make your single phone line a dual purpose line, you will need either a DSL splitter or a DSL filter. Each of these devices work to “split” your phone line so you can use if for two reasons, but a DSL filter is cheaper, and therefore, more popular.

Why Get a DSL Filter?

DSL phone filters can be installed by you, unlike DSL splitter filter systems, which must be installed either by the telephone company or internet company. You can use DSL filters with your telephone wall jack. The DSL phone filters look like a double phone jack. You plug one side of the filter into the wall, and then you plug your computer in one jack of the filter and the phone into the other jack. That way, the filter will send the right signal to the right device.

I am Looking for a DSL Filter

Your ISP is the best place to get info about the DSL filter you need. They can help you choose between DSL line filters, DSL inline filter, DSL schematic filters, DSL measurement filters, telephone module DSL filters and station protector DSL filters. They can also help you with things like DSL filter structured wiring.

A word of caution about DSL filters – DSL filters and alarm systems often don’t mix. Consult your alarm company for advice.

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