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What is An ISP

What is an ISP?

If you’re new to the internet, or even if you’re not, you still often hear people use a lot of terms when talking about the internet that may not be entirely clear to you. DSL, broadband, ISDN, VoIPs – it can all get a little confusing to a novice internet user. However, understanding all of these internet related terms are the key to getting the right internet connection and computer set up for you and your needs. If you make a decision without having all of the facts in front of you, then you may end up with an internet connection that is too slow to do the things you want to do online – or you may end up with a faster internet connection than you need, which means you spending money you don’t have to spend. One term you may hear a lot when you’re talking about internet service and internet connection is ISP. But what is an ISP and what does it mean to you?

The definition of ISP is “internet service provider.” Your ISP is the company who is responsible for getting your computer online and operating your connection at the best speed possible for you, under the terms of your service agreement. Who is my ISP, you may ask? Figuring out the answer to that one is easy. To whom do you write a check for you internet service? Is it the phone company, the cable company or someone else? The person who gets your internet money is your ISP.

Choosing an ISP

Now that you know the definition of an ISP browser, you can go about choosing the right ISP for you. The questions to ask about an ISP are what kind of connections do they offer, how fast are their download speeds, and what are their prices? To do this, look for ISPs in your area. For instance, if you want a dial up connection for your Minnesota home, doing an internet search for “what is the fastest dial up connection ISP for Minnesota” will help you narrow your search. The ISP business is extremely competitive, so it pays to shop around among the different ISPs in your area to find the best connection at the best price.

With the question of “what is an ISP” answered, you now also know who to turn to when you have internet trouble. Your ISP can help you with connection issues and can also help you with questions like “what is my ISP address”.